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Glance at action 5: Protect with polyurethane foam

If you’re a significant masochist, you might like to skip this task. To tell the truth if you want the feeling of wooden against your skin layer and also you want real vexation to go with the pain sensation to be spanked, you can easily miss the next handful of actions totally and go directly to connecting your lashing bands.

However if, you are a precious princess who requires absolute comfort while she’s being railed like the last woman on Earth, you need to make your table a lot softer like me.

Grab the polyurethane foam, the basic weapon, and all sorts of the swearwords you know. I’m a fan of ‘fuckarse’ ‘shit’ and ‘pisstits’ but use whatever’s to hand.

Kinky DIY table top sitting on hateful horrible polyurethane foam

Really everything you need to do is extend the polyurethane foam on the plywood top, then staple it towards the underside for the framework. However in training you’re going to carry on a journey of misery and woe, you actually get in there are twelve more of the fuckers lying bent and broken on your carpet as you battle seemingly endlessly with the fact that a staple gun is a ridiculously inefficient way to secure memory foam to ANYTHING and for every staple. Read the rest of this entry »

octobre 27th, 2020
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